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Dream Port is an archive for the lore of fiction Chronicles.

fiction Chronicles is a story written by Perseonn Balthasaar which started in 1998. Previously named Avenger Rampant. It was divided into 4 major story: 'True Fantasy Life', 'Death on The Cross' and 2 others. Avenger Rampant was gritty, dark and somewhat angsty at first. Due to the loss of original script and a realization that dark/angst/gritty were not a good theme, the concept was changed to a light-hearted story.

In 2005, 'Avenger Rampant' was renamed 'fiction Chronicles', after an album by Yuki Kajiura of the same name. 'fiction' was written in lowercase to follow Yuki Kajiura's habit of using lowercase on her song title.

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A Character Creation (also known as Create-a-Soul or CaS) website dedicated to all entries in the Soul series, as well as Edit Officer (also known as Create-a-Warrior or CaW) website dedicated to Warriors series. This website have a a detailed guide to creation of original, cameo, and historical characters.

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Short for Gaming Corrective and Preventive Actions; this website features detailed guides on how to enhance your game by using ArtMoney with optional need for a spreadsheet program. This also serves as my personal blog: short review and a simple technical information on the game's mechanism.

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